• HT bushing

    This is Ht Bushing

  • DMC Insulators

    DMC Insulators are available in various shapes like conical, hexagonal, cylindrical and drum with heavy duty 3 step hexagonal inserts to ensure high torque with standability, eliminate slippage on tightening and application of high quality polyester resin which is non hygroscopic and adequately cured, makes the product free from chipping and imparts adequate mechanical strength to withstand high fault levels besides maintaining required dielectric strength.

  • SMC Busbar Support – 3P and 4P

    it is available in 3P and 4P – 300/370/410mm with provision for 2 busbars per phase.

    Other sizes available on request. Dimension drawings available.

  • Copper Braid

    it can be made as per specifications and drawings

  • Spacer Bolt

    M6 hexagonal spacer bolts yellow passivated are available in various lengths upto 140mm.

    10mm threading available on both sides as standard.

  • Brass Neutral Link

    Brass neutral link with multiple ways of various cross sections – it can be bare / tin plated

  • Bakelite sheet and it’s components

    Both electrical and commercial grades of Bakelite sheet are available upto 150mm in fibre based and 60mm in paper based of size 4×4 feet.

    Components of these sheets can be fabricated as per customer drawings.

  • Heat Shrink Rubber Sleeves

     these sleeves are flame retardant and self extinguishing. They have a shrink ratio of 2:1 and are free of halogens. Sleeves are available in red, yellow, white, blue, black, green and clear and are RohS compliant. Corrosion resistant sleeves are UV stabilized.


    Working Temperature 90 Degree Celsius (120 on Request)
     Dielectric strength 20 KV/mm
    Insulation Resistance 20 x 10(to the power 10) Ohms at 500V DC
    Tensile strength Min 400Kg/cm2
    Ultimate elongation Min 11%
    Chemical resistance Good
    Fire resistance Self extinguishing with no dripping of materials
    Shrinking temperature 150 deg. C – 170 deg. C for 4-5 minutes
    Mechanical strength Excellent
    Heat dissipation Excellent

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